Revalidation Process for Nurses and Midwives

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Revalidation Process for Nurses and Midwives

Revalidation Process for Nurses and Midwives

The revalidation process allows the nurses and midwives to maintain their registration with the NMC. Nurses and midwives need to demonstrate that they practice in a safe manner, after every three years. Guardian Angels Training offers health and social care training that will provide evidence of safe and continuing professional development which is an essential step that registrants need to take to revalidate.


What is revalidation?

Revalidation process is a continuous process that nurses and midwives will undergo throughout their careers. It is critical to note that the responsibility for revalidation process lies on the nurses and midwives solely; therefore, they own their revalidation process.


Revalidation process list of requirements and supporting evidence

Revalidation process is aimed at improving practice and benefits of public protection. To complete one’s revalidation and renew registration every three years with the NMC, one should meet the following requirements:


– Provide a record of practice as evidence that one has achieved 450 hours or practice or 900 if one seeks to revalidate as a nurse and midwife.

– Provide an accurate record of 35 hours of continuing professional development. One must have participated in at least 20 hours.

– Provide notes of five pieces of feedback related to practice.

– Provide five reflective accounts explaining lesson learned from CPD activities, feedback or any other events during practice.

– Have a reflective discussion form conducted with an NMC registered midwife or nurse, complete with their names, NMC pin numbers, and date.

– Make health and character declarations

– Show evidence of professional indemnity arrangement

– Provide an NMC signed confirmation form


Revalidation process

Three years since the last renewal, a nurse or midwife need to meet the discussed revalidation processes. Upon meeting the requirements, one should discuss their revalidation with a confirmer twelve months up to renewal. This step is important in demonstrating that one has complied. In the sixty days before applying for the revalidation process, a nurse or midwife declares to NMC that they have met the requirements. Finally, after submitting one’s revalidation application, a sample of nurses and midwives are selected to offer verifications of the declarations made. Once selected, the registration will not be renewed until the process is completed.


Best approaches to the revalidation process

It is recommended that one should keep a portfolio of evidence that they have met the requirements of the revalidation process. The information stored in the portfolio must not identify any individual whether deceased or alive. It is also important for nurses and midwives to keep appraisals that show assessment of performance. A nurse or midwife need to have practiced for a minimum of 450 hours over the three-year period after the last revalidation process. If one has not met the required number of hours, they have to complete the appropriate return to practice program with the approval of NMC before the application date.


Before applying, a nurse of midwife needs to set up an NMC online account. Setting up an NMC online account is important because one can get all subsequent notification of the revalidation process through email.


Guardian Angels Training, being the UK’s leading firm in training of professionals, offers nurses and midwives training and guidelines on the basics of the revalidation process. Our trainers offer high quality training sessions on the requirements and a step to step guide on the revalidation process. After the training, every nurse and midwife will start the revalidation process with confidence because they will have been equipped with accurate information. Feel free to let us know how we can help you by contacting us today.

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